Our Story

A few years back, when my Dad started to slow down his full time practice as a marriage and family therapist in Dallas, he and my Mother decided to build a home in Santa Fe and move there permanently. One thing he wanted to do with his retirement years was to sit down with people and help them preserve their life stories. I thought that sounded like a perfect pursuit for him, given his therapist background. He was familiar with using recording equipment, but he didn’t know how to edit the recordings into a finished product for his customers - a skill I’d developed working as a professional video editor and cameraman. 

Because of the distance between Dallas and Santa Fe, we weren’t able to get that project off the ground, but the idea always stuck with me, and years later when I began to slow down my own professional life, I decided I would start the personal historian business my Dad and I always talked about. Of course, my Father was the first person I chose to interview. We had a lot of fun with the whole idea, and it was very meaningful to hear some significant stories of his life that I never knew. 

Visual storytelling is my passion, and I've always enjoyed talking with older people about their lives. With MyLife Presentations, I wanted to build a company that focuses on drawing out people’s personalities and sharing new sides of them with their families. I believe knowing and understanding where we came from can give us insightful clues into what's most meaningful in life. Every person has their own unique story, and I’d love to help you tell yours.

- Jay Rydman
Founder of MyLife Presentations