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"You sure know how to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear."

- Cowboy Jack


"Your passion for storytelling provided us the gift of a lifetime."

Life can get so busy that we often forget to celebrate as we go along. We recently received the final package from My Life Presentations, and the book and accompanying video told our families story in a way that we never could have. The process and resulting collateral cemented our story and our legacy for generations to come. Jay’s passion and storytelling provided us the gift of a lifetime.
— Christopher Shaw, Executive Director, George and Fay Young Foundation


"I encourage anyone who is even thinking about a tribute to a loved one to do it as soon as possible."

I am very grateful to Jay for producing an extremely memorable and touching video and book package about my father. I had been discussing the project with him for quite awhile, but it was always something I would do down the road. As my Dad aged and his health began to falter, my wife encouraged me to get it done soon. The video Jay produced and edited was wonderful, and researching family photos and documents was a real education to me about my father and my entire family. We premiered the video at a family gathering, including my Dad, and everyone loved it.

As it turns out, just after the project was completed, my Dad’s health declined rapidly. I’m so glad we didn’t wait. I would encourage anyone who is even thinking about a tribute to a parent, or any loved one, to do it as soon as possible.
— Gary Smith

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"Words cannot express how much your video meant to us!"

Words cannot express how much your video meant to us! We had a lot of laughs and many tears watching in the night before our wedding. You did an amazing job painting a beautiful picture of our lives and the interviews were classic! It is something we will hold close our hearts for the rest of our lives.
— Aaron and Zandra

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"We will always 


treasure it."

We were delighted when Jay presented us with my dad’s photo book and audio CD. Jay spent untold hours interviewing my dad, asking him leading questions and getting him to open up. We learned new things about him as well and got stories we had heard but forgotten documented. Dad was fascinated with his picture book and eagerly paged through it, enjoying the recognition of family and old friends from his earliest days. We also got the complete recordings Jay made so we can always relisten to Dad’s voice and hear his stories. We are so grateful for the compilation of our dad’s life that Jay made, and we will always treasure it.
— David Gray
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